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From bundles and dreads to braids and locs, Eboni and Michele grew into becoming who we are today. Tapping into our spiritual gifts, learning about tarot and astrology and writing The Traphouse Vegan was a process that literally took us aound the globe. We became fast friends at Plummer Elementary School and wound up as a teacher and a counselor at schools literally on the same street in SE, DC. Clearly, the universe was trying to tell us something. We listened and now we’re here, reading tarot and natal charts. We went vegan for spiritual and health reasons. We had no idea that our own psychic gifts would emerge. Here you may find our books and tarot and astrology services. Who know that just trying to eat healthy would transform into all this??

When we first became the Vegan Trap Queens, food was, ironically, the last thing on our minds. Social work, activism and mentorship has always been at the forefront of what we’ve done at home and abroad. We knew our zodiac signs and had seen our natal charts however, we were more interested in going to a meditation retreat than practicing with tarot cards. Again, the universe has a way of placing you where you need to be. We had hit the ground running with volunteering and teaching but we needed to take a break. We were so dedicated to everyone else’s issues that we hadn’t taken enough time for our own trauma and healing. We were always into astrology and reading our horoscope, but we knew that we needed to dig deeper and reflect. Traveling gave us the space and resources we needed to heal and learn. We went to healing circles, cacao ceremonies, womb healing meditations, tarot workshops and kept digging deeper until we learned about our own ancestral lines and spiritual gifts. We read and studied daily. We argued. We cried and communed with our Creator. We opened ourselves to our own inner-verses. We used herbal remedies and experienced real healing results for ourselves and other people and saved lives with simple remedies where conventional medicine was failing.


Eboni (“Eb”) cooked dinner for our first date, Rasta Pasta #bihsluvpasta ❤️
We cooked together almost every day and still do. Before leaving for Thailand, where we started our business, we cooked an Asian inspired vegan meal for Eb’s family complete with a homemade vinaigrette. It was a good night until Eb was harassed and threatened, without cause, by a racist police officer in Richmond, VA and thought she was going to become another statistic 😥 It was confirmation that sometimes it’s not the flower, it’s the soil. Our flights were already scheduled. We left that night.

After a year in Phrae, Thailand, we moved to Chiang Mai— a beautiful UNESCO city in northern Thailand. We joined a beautiful community in CM and volunteered to cook Sunday dinners at our house. We started calling our house the Traphouse and it stuck.

Our upbringing still influences our straightforward demeanor and shows up in our passion for veganism and spirituality. Family members & friends dying from terminal diseases, e.g. Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Failure, and various other often preventable illnesses leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth. We remain determined to contribute positively to our community in the areas of health and spirituality.

In the early days of The Vegan Traphouse, we just wanted to start a blog and share our experiences in real time, from teaching English to overseas professional modeling, to performing at spoken word events and becoming the Saigon Veggie Burger Champs, to volunteering in efforts to feed refugees and others hungry. Eventually it metamorphosed into us becoming the authors of a vegan lifestyle guide. The Traphouse Vegan is a book of over 100 easy and simple recipes designed to make veganism accessible to anyone including people who live in impoverished areas and food deserts. The entire book is filled with easy recipes with few ingredients that you’ve never heard of and each one is vegan, oil-free, dairy-free, tofu-free, no added gums or expensive additions.

Our experiences abroad were unforgettable and served as convincing evidence that food is medicine and spiritual energy is true and real. We started tarot card reading in Vietnam in 2018. Michele started intuitive palm reading before she ever picked up a Tarot deck and always knew that she possessed the gift of clairvoyance. We’ve blossomed and grown on this twin flame journey and desire to empower and enrich lives with the gifts that we’ve been given.

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❤️️ the Vegan Trap Queens