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2018 Saigon Burger Festival Winners

It might seem like Vegan Traphouse popped up out of nowhere but our hands were always covered in flour and seasoning while we’ve been at work, trappin’ ❤️

For example, over seven months in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we put our skills and recipes to the test *every week* while everyone kept telling us to open a restaurant and put down some roots.
We would’ve, however, we had something *MUCH* bigger in mind:
We were figuring out how we could help the world go vegan 💪🏾💪🏾

Although everyone hasn’t made the switch, they could at least savor our Meatless Monday. We figured that, if they could cook it and savor it for themselves, that would make transitioning to plant-based cuisine easier, and more simply, we wanted to capitalize on the fact that so many non-vegans loved our food. At every event, we served our feasts to 30-100 people, and in doing so delighted both vegan and omnivorous from so many parts of the world 🌎

For our U.S. customers, we loved sharing a taste of home as soul food is comfort food, and for our international customers, we loved sharing their first unforgettable taste. Since then, word about us has spread as we’ve had amazing experiences catering kids’ parties, baking our first wedding cake, becoming the *ONLY* vegan vendor at TEDx Chiang Mai and winning the ‘Best Veggie Burger’ prize at the Saigon Burger Festival.
… we’re still floating off those last two a little bit 😏

In between cooking, we volunteered with Burmese refugees, taught English to Chinese and Korean kids, counseled a Vietnamese family, and fed Venezuelan refugees in Colombia. In sum, it was an incredible journey, and it’s just the latest evolution of the Vegan Trap Queens, two city girls, who are savoring every moment in sharing our love one plate at a time ❤️

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