This Month in Astrology

January is the month to be a rebel for love. Stand up for significant others and friends. In fact, encourage people to be themselves no matter what the consequences. Stick to New Year’s resolutions. It’s easy to fall back into old patterns but the effects will show immediately. 

Dreams will guide us in the right direction so pay attention. The answers we seek are in the lessons we learn this month. The first week is a good time to negotiate contracts, ask for a raise or even brainstorm about business ideas. Be rebellious and bold this month. Being authentic is the best way to get people to love you. Transform into the version of you that you want to see every day.

The second week in January will be the start of many good things to come. Get ready to feel larger than life! The final weeks in January will see some relationships shift but every one is not supposed to come with you for this level up. Whatever we have been manifesting is going to come to fruition this January and we may find ourselves talking and being more active than usual. Stay hydrated and rest. The world is ours!

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