How to Spend 30 Days in Houston…

We’d never been to Houston so we decided to visit. When we got to Texas we were exhausted so to be honest, we rested a lot and engaged in excessive amounts of self care. Houston is a large city but people are talkative and friendly and the food is good. We loved the amount of fun and family friendly activities that Houston offers. We had so much fun making candles and painting at Pinspiration, a DIY craft workshop .

The owner was kind and helpful and the workshop is like art and color therapy rolled into one. Houston is just a hop, skip and jump from Las Vegas so we recommend taking a weekend trip. We went to Meow Wolf’ Omega Mart, a trippy interactive art installation during the day and saw Rupaul’s Drag Revue that night. We loved every sleep deprived second and slept for the next two days once we returned Houston. 

Weed Friendly 0-5 rating 5

Nightlife 0-5 rating 5 We frequented the strip clubs but the restaurants turned nightspots were chill and had good music too.

Beauty Scene 0-5 rating 5 Shoutout to our nail artist  

Grocery Shopping: Kroger is a high 2key vegan life saver. The Simple Truth brand has a ton of vegan options.

Eating Out:

Voodoo Donuts has phenomenal vegan donuts and they’re open until like 4am. Dangerously delicious. 

Korny Vibes is one of the cool vegan restaurants in Houston. The menu is comfort food and it’s pretty good. 

Chef Kenny’s is a vegan Asian restaurant. The bento box was our delivery go-to. Chef Kenny’s has an extensive menu and everything we tried was tasty. 

Flying Idlis is one of many Indian restaurants in Houston. Idlis are their claim to fame so we had to try them. 

F#ck Gluten is a gluten free foods haven with vegan options. The bowls were flavorful and they had quite a few healthy options. 

Pressed is a juice spot with good options. 

Pythagoras Conscious Food Philosophy is a vegan bar restaurant. They specialize in bar food and other gluttonous delights. We ordered the pizza a few times and demolished it each time. 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Weed Friendly 0-5 rating 5

Nightlife 0-5 rating 4 The shows in Vegas are worth every penny and the clubs were about the same as any other city. Dress accordingly because dress codes are strictly enforced.

We Recommend: 

Nevada Wellness Center is a Black owned marijuana dispensary in Vegas. They have two convenient locations and they’re open 24 hours. We went around 11 pm and got served through the walk-up side window. Check the website for the menu. 

Tao Asian Bistro & Nightclub

World famous for a reason! The restaurant is dark and loud but the food was worth the hype. We suggest making reservations for dinner. 

Veganos is a Mexican restaurant that’s also in Las Vegas. It’s located off the strip. We love Mexican food so we enjoyed their traditional tacos. 


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