How to Spend 180 Days in Mexico…

One of our hosts in Mexico told us, “Mexico es flexico” and we found that to be very true. Mexico was easy going as a country and each region has its own flair. We started in Quintana Roo in the Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum areas. It is hot and pretty and tequila is everywhere. Americans can stay for up to 180 days visa free so we decided to explore the whole region. We even ended up in a little town called Chetumal on the border of Mexico and Belize.

Getting around Mexico using land transportation is safe and easy. We used Ado. There are many places in Mexico that aren’t accessible by plane and many of its most beautiful scenery can’t be seen without doing some land travel. After Quintana Roo, we went to Merida which is in the Yucatan Peninsula. Merida is a slower pace than the beach and lets you get a feel for how Mexico used to be. The architecture is lovely and there are lots of cultural events to attend. We ended up in Mexico City, the 5th largest and one of our favorite cities in the world

The food all throughout Mexico is beyond phenomenal. The quality and availability of fresh fruits, juice, and vegetables alone inspired us to cook for ourselves; however, there are hundreds of restaurants in Mexico City alone. We definitely ate our way through Mexico and listed all of our most frequented restaurants below:

Weed Friendly 0-5 rating 5 speaking Spanish is ideal but people are friendly and will generally point you in the right direction. 

Night Life: 0-5 5 Anything goes in Mexico. Pick your poison. 

Beauty scene 0-5 rating 5 Beauty is a major industry in Mexico so there’s no shortage of places to get pretty. Mexico City has some of the best nail salons in the world. Hair salons are everywhere but the best place to get your hair done in Mexico is the barrio. If you explore you’ll find a braider or stylist that can give you exactly what you want

Grocery Shopping: 

Fresh Markets and juice spots are abundant all over Mexico. If you walk two or three blocks in any direction you will run into a bodega or a juice cart and maybe even a fresh tortilla and salsa spot.

Chedraui is the chain grocery store and is comparable to any U.S. grocery store. 

Mr. Tofu sells specialty plant based items and is all over Mexico. 

Eating Out: 


Crush was our favorite spot in Merida. The menu is basically hotdogs and hamburgers  but they are good. The restaurant also hosts events and Drag Shows. 

Aresha Pasteleria is delivery only and you have to order a day in advance most times however it is worth the extra planning and wait time. The Cake in a cup is so decadent you’ll think you won’t finish…but you will. 

Order through WhatsApp +52 999 150 6123

Maiz, Canela y Cilantro has traditional Mexican food and flavors. It looks dark going in but it’s actually quite bright and cute inside. 

Playa Del Carmen:

Comet 984 is an all vegan, 50’s theme diner restaurant with burgers, fries and shakes. It is definitely cheat day approved. 

Bio-Natural, Tierra Verde and The Pitted Date all have healthy organic food, extensive superfood smoothie options, and cute atmospheres. They have similar menu items but each has its own flair. .


Eat Bar isn’t vegan but they’re open late and have good fries and falafel. 

Mexico City: 

Vegan Inc. is a perfect little date night spot with semi fancy vegan fare. The tres leches cake is moist and sweet and was our favorite menu item. 

Fat Vegan is exactly what it sounds like. They serve ice cream, drinks, big ass burgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner, fried chicken and whatever else they can think of. New fat vegan items pop up as the mood strikes. 

Plantasia describes itself as contemporary and is certainly a casual fine dining restaurant. The menu is Pan-Asian and the flavors are impeccably authentic. Everything deserves to be eaten twice. One trip is not enough. The ambiance and aesthetic are culture driven and selfie inspiring. 

Cafe Vegetal is one of those vegetarian restaurants that holds a special place in our hearts. The conchas are soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside with that perfect sweet cake-y goodness that conchas require. It is rude to visit Mexico and not have a concha and coffee for breakfast. 

Miga Vegana is a lowkey bakery that has some of the best vegan baked goods in CDMX. It’s a bit off the beaten path however it’s worth the trip. 

Vegamo has Parisian cafe vibes smack dab in the middle of Mexico City. They serve freshly baked croissants stuffed with vegan meats and cheeses alongside assorted cakes and pastries. 

PF Chang’s is an Asian restaurant that has vegan options and always comes through in a clutch. 

Gatorta is a diamond in the rough. This food truck is a gem. The suadero tacos are mouth watering and the chef’s tattoos are absolutely adorable. 

Green Pizza is a pizza place with vegan options. Our go-to order was a “Manhattan” pizza. 

Vegan On Santa Fe is only on UberEats. It was a go-to after long days walking through Mexico City. Awesome burgers and good sushi. 

Mora Mora serves healthy vegan fare and has a large menu. Their traditional Mexican breakfast tofu scramble is one of the best that we had in CDMX. 

Churreria El Moro is a churro heaven where the churros are like two feet long and there’s vegan ice cream. 

Chetumal is a small but culturally important town on the border of Belize and Mexico. There is a little spot on the left hand side going toward Belize with a few plastic chairs and tables with umbrellas out front. Ask the elderly woman cooking in the outside kitchen for the black pepper sauce. It fills your entire mouth with flavor before it settles in the spicy spots on your tongue. It is an experience…if you can find it.


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