Why. How. What.

World peace. Liberty. Happiness. There are forces in this world that advocate our demise. For our every action there is a reaction; for all positive there is negative. We are advocates of light who seek to spread that light to everyone we encounter. We help people connect with their higher calling using the tools we have; food, tarot, numerology and astrology.

Food heals the soul when its prepared by healing hands. We are healers and we desire to heal through our gifts. Our experiences with diseases like Diabetes and Lupus gave us the blueprint we still use. We’ve used peppermint oil to break a baby’s fever when doctors where failing to do so. We’ve saved parents from putting their kids in special education using research based methods and techniques that can literally change the brain. Our past life readings change lives and help men and women break lifelong patterns. We speak things out loud that our customers have never said aloud before. Our natal chart readings help daughters heal broken relationships with their mothers by helping them to understand the challenges that they picked for themselves as a soul coming to this world. Our passion and connection to the spirit realm is what inspires our gifts, whether we’re cooking and healing through food or digging ino deep emotional spaces with astrology and tarot. Communicating with our souls is a complicated process and is difficult to get through unsupported.

We are your support system. It’s been said that the issue with saying that ‘energy doesn’t lie’ or ‘follow your instincts’ is that saying that doesn’t account for social conditioning, learned biases and behavior, trauma and PTSD, and anxiety. It can be hard to find and focus on your center. Exploring how to find and follow your discernmet is clutch. We help you find and explore. -Eb and Chele

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