Jewels for July

Have you ever heard the term “the crisis of civilization”?  I used to think that the development of civilization in and of itself was the problem; that by humans deciding to implement laws and hierarchies, we had somehow ruined our connection with the divine. Our ancestors experienced direct contact with God but nothing is sacred now.  How do we experience God? What can we do to reconnect with the divine?     

Every action should be attached to a consciousness of purpose.  We are not a part of an indifferent universe and we are all creating this joint experience on Earth. Somehow, we have discarded the notion that spirituality and physical matter connects our collective soul.  I used to experience actual physical pain when I thought about where we are as a culture, empath problems.  But I know I wasn’t alone. I know that we all look at our society and tend to be more saddened by what we see.   When we hear people reject what is good for them and we have to know that it’s due to conditioning and fear clouding their conscious minds.  A huge part of what perpetuates this is our total dependence on technology, materialism and gadgets. There is no doubt that these three things have had a powerfully negative effect on us because many people choose to act irresponsibly with these gifts.  It is easy to recognize the burnt rubber marks left behind by fashion, media, and social media’s joyride through the world. The algorithm is life.  And while it seems surreal to equate this cultural renaissance with mind control, this is where we’re at.  So what do we do to not become mindless? We practice the opposite, self-awareness.

It takes daily effort to become self-aware; to integrate your mental, spiritual and physical selves.  Research yourself. Not into chakras and such? No problem, try anatomy and epigenetics. Find what interests you so you can flourish.  If you encounter depression, anger, or apathy on your journey, embrace it and see where it comes from.  Learn to chase negativity away with knowledge and inner vision, not television, food, and gadgets.  If you had absolutely nothing, what would be important to you?  

We tend to overvalue the conveniences we have.  Our spiritual work as humankind is not proportionate to the amount of ease that we require to live. We are simply destroying ourselves by living these imbalanced lives.  At some point we have to wonder why our most constructive efforts to alleviate injustice haven’t worked.  The truth is, that despite millions of dollars and effort devoted to making our world “better”, we are not succeeding merely because we are determined  to be self absorbed without being self aware. Our society is full of innovation and very little introspection.  We’re all co-creators.  It is up to each individual to enliven themselves.

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