March Madness

Eating pizza together is a love language.

Let’s call this our 90 day check-in. After last year, we were definitely ready for 2021. I think everyone needed a hard reset. 2020 was a rough year for Vegan Traphouse and we literally “never would’ve made it” without you all! First and foremost, thanks for the love and support that you showed us. All the readings you booked, books you bought and downloaded, Facebook Lives you watched and texts you sent pushed us through and enabled us to keep going. We brought in 2021 on a beach in Florida with hopes that our new year’s destination would be the indicator for how the rest of our year will be.

So, we’re here. Pisces season and its time to see what’s up. How are we all doing? Are we eating well? Drinking a gallon of water a day? Have we been meditating and grounding? The first step in extreme self love, which has become the mantra of the present, is to be mindful of our physical, mental and emotional health. What do the Vegan Trap Queens do? We challenged ourselves to stop watching ratchet TV, to workout at least 30 minutes a day, and eat mostly raw and sugar free. You can start anywhere that feels comfortable but is still a challenge. The key is to set a goal that is not too high and still requires some work to reach it. There is nothing us humans like more than a real sense of accomplishment. Extreme self love is hard; the act of loving ourselves so much that we deny temporary gratification in favor of long term results every time can feel like an unreasonable expectation. Start somewhere big enough to notice but small enough to actually get done.

In numerology, 2021 is a 5 year. 5 is the number of destiny, discipline and change. The vibration of the number 5 puts us in touch with the part of our higher selves that personifies power, fairness and the ability to make good decisions. The turbulence in society today, the protests against injustice, the forced slow down caused by the quarantine, all of these are major changes that are leading us toward positive change and a unified collective consciousness where we accept our individual differences as expressions of The One, God, the Creative Source of all things. We will use this energy to create our new normal and be our best selves for each other and the planet.

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