Meet Eboni Washington and Michele Simmons, creators of Vegan Traphouse. We grew into becoming the Vegan Trap Queens. If someone had told us when we first started traveling that we were going to be psychic vegan chefs we wouldn’t have believed them. It was truly an organic process. After starting our catering company, Vegan Traphouse, we wrote The Traphouse Vegan Lifestyle Guide, a vegan cookbook with over 100 soy and gluten-free recipes. We moved to Thailand in 2016 and volunteered to cook Sunday dinners for Black ex-pats. We started calling our house the ‘Trap’ as kind of a joke and it just grew. We are brutally honest, self motivated, multi-talented risk takers. Long story short, we hustle.

We knew we had to go vegan after we saw our family members dying from diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Heart failure, and other preventable foodborne illnesses caused by unhealthy food. We felt helpless as we watched the harsh effects of poverty both directly and indirectly at different points in our lives and were always determined to contribute positively to our communities.

The Traphouse Vegan is a book of over 100 easy and simple recipes designed to make veganism accessible to anyone, especially people who live on a budget or in food deserts. The entire book is filled with easy vegan, oil-free, dairy-free, tofu-free recipes. 

After two years in SE Asia, we wanted to get closer to home. We went to Medellin and started digging and practicing our spiritual gifts and added Tarot and Astrology to Vegan Traphouse. We had no idea that Medellin was going to be another magical city for the Queens. Instead of hosting and catering food events, we ended up giving away our services for free. Here’s how…

We were invited to serve our food at a Monthly farmer’s market. This event was soooo slow for us that we only sold like 4 plates. As we are serving our clients, Eb gets a tap on her shoulder, so she turns around and a homeless man is asking her for food! So of course we immeditely hand him a plate. For one, we hate seeing people starve, and two we HATEEEE wasting food! 5 minutes later, the same man returns to our booth with like 3 other people, so of course we give them all plates as well. Eb then leaves our table, walks around the corner to find a whole block of homeless men, women, and childen! It broke our hearts. We ended up giving away ALL our food to the hungry and left the event satisfied knowing that we were able to ease a person’s hunger pains just for the night.

When we got home we did some research on Medellin and learned that there was an extensively large population of homeless Venezuelan refugees all throughout the country. The next few days we begin to really pay attention and SEE all the Venezuelan refugees in our neighborhood and surround areas. Most of the refugees were teenage boys. One day one of them stopped us asking for some food or money on our walk home from our favorite bakery, Saludapan. We had two huge slices of cake in our hands, and had the munchies! We couldn’t lie and say sure you can have some of our cake! So We promised them that we would bring them food the next evening. So the next morning, we got up, walked to the grocery store and made about 20 servings of rice, beans, and plaintains, to the kids and a few adults that stayed in our area. We cooked for the same group of kids every weekend for 3 months until we left Medellin. From burritto bowls, to spaghetti, and typical soul food plates, we were honored to feed those kids we saw working hard every day just to survive. Life can be tough, the least we can do is make sure everybody eats. It costs us only 20usd to feed 20 people! And when we weren’t kickin it with the kids on the block, we were in the house studying Tarot, Astrology, and of course whippin work in the kitchen! We stumbled upon a Wiccan Faceboook group, joined it and just started offering free tarot questions answered on the live. The feedback we received was beyond amazing and a bit overwhelming at times! Our buzz got so big, we got blocked from the group! hi haters! lol. But naw, s/o to a lil birdie that slid in our DMs and hinted us to start going live on our own business page. Now we know, that was Spirit’s way of telling us we were ready to share our new found gifts with the world!

We now offer a variety of Tarot services in addition to our catering and meal prep and planning services. Catch us in a city near you. Follow us on Facebook: Vegan Traphouse and Instagram @thevegantrapqueens for a lot of vegan food and all the TEA!

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