Meet the Gordons pt. 1

So Boom… I found my mother’s side of my family through!  As soon as I got my results back, I contacted my 1st cousin on Facebook! She welcomed me with open arms!  That’s one thing that most adoptees fear; finding their birth family and being rejected.  My uncles were excited to speak with me!  My Uncle P told me he’s been wondering about his older sister (my mom) since he only got to speak to her one time on the phone when she was 19 and he was about 13.  I know by now ya’ll are like Eb,… Where tf is your mom Sis?  Hold on ya’ll…when I find her, I’ll let yall know!

My Uncle P contacted his father (I’ll call him Grandfather G) and told him that some random girl just popped up talmbout “She my niece”.  Grandfather G goes “Oh yea, she belongs to my 1st daughter”.  Sooo here’s what happen…. Grandpa G was a rolling stone out in Jamaica and diddy bopped his way to America to do the same thing. Smh. No judgement though.  So my mom was his alleged 1st child which makes me his oldest grandchild! I find this info to be enlightening…to simply learn about my birth family regardless of how I got here.. because I am WELL.. I always had a good life, not perfect, but I learned how to heal from traumatic events in my earlier years.

            So back to finding my mom’s side… I always wanted a little sister or cousin that looks like me.. So when I met my little cousin, my heart melted!  I finally SAW MYSELF! It was a beautiful feeling.  I always knew that when I met my family I would know it was them through their eyes.  She has some of the biggest, brown eyes! Her melanin was glowing #stayhydrated , and she had an infectious smile with a head full of hair, just like me!  I got to meet her in person a few months ago when she made a random trip to DC and didn’t even know I lived here! I saw her post on IG and was like “Girrlaaaa come seeeee me!” She came that night, and we talked and laughed and laughed and talked like we knew each other forever! It was a beautiful reunion! We have so much in common, from teaching, to our love for distance travel and agreeing that our Grandfather G is a hot mess! LOL. Heyyyy Baby Cuz!  I even learned that my Grandfather is an amazing Chef that owned a poppin restaurant & lounge in the Bronx back in the day! Learning that about my grandfather inspired me even more to continue on my path of cooking!

            To grow up in a house where you don’t see yourself in ANY of your immediate family members is ROUGH ya’ll.  Put yourself in My shoes… a brown little girl with coke bottle glasses, growing up with a mother, sister, and brother that your soul just did not resonate with when you looked at them.  I remember being in kindergarten and my classmates and I were talking about our parents.  So when it was my turn I told them I lived with my mom and I didn’t know my father.  I remember a few kids laughed at me and that hurt so bad, but this one girl stood up for me so quickly.  “That’s not funny that she doesn’t know her father! What if you didn’t know yours?”  Imagine 5 year old kids having this convo people!  Now that I think about it, she probably didn’t know her father either. 

Imma stop here….

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