Ms Cleo showed Me the way…

I’ve been holding this in for over a year now. Trying to be respectful of other people’s lives that were involved in my birth story. But Fxk it. My story is my story and I want to share it with you all.    

I was born.  Then I was “adopted”. 

That’s all I’ve known these past 32 years of my existence.  I remember sitting in my room at the age 4 looking through the back of an EBONY magazine when my eyes caught the attention of a Ms Cleo ad “CALL ME NOWWWW”.  I wanted to call that lady so bad and ask her did she know where my real parents were but I ain’t wanna get in trouble for making collect calls on Her house phone.  Back then, I ain’t know nuthin about a psychic or tarot cards but I wanted to believe that psychics were real cuz I had real questions! WHERE ARE MY PARENTS? 

You probably like, how’d you find out you were adopted?.. I’ll share that story for next week, YA’LL ITS A LOT.. so to put all the details into ONE POST would be just unethical so, short posts and a video or two until the movie comes out 😉

There are so many details and missing links to my birth story y’all may think I’m lying.  But if you’ve been keepin up w/ the Trap Queens, you know we don’t brew the tea, we JUST spill it!

I don’t wanna bore y’all with a long ass blog this morning so I’ll try to stick to the important deets.  I asked bae to give me a tarot reading on the 1st year of my life… I recorded it of course.  And surely this info SHOCKED THE HELL OUTTA THE KID! I was like “wtffffffff”. It is A LOT to process but I’m a big girl so it wasn’t that many tears but LUCYYYYY, You got Some ‘splainin to do!

So..sit back, roll up, po’ up, wateva u need to do, cuz this is JUICY my friends! And this is just the beginning.  My birth story is a hell of a roller coaster and I want you all to enjoy this ride with me!

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