Vegan For Spiritual Reasons

Our vegan journey didn’t start as an intentionally spiritual one. It began, like most people’s, so that we could meet personal health and weight loss goals.  It wasn’t until we started learning and researching veganism in depth that we began to truly understand all of the environmental benefits it has as well as the socio-economic health related issues that it can help address along the way.  In the beginning, we were just determined to live as long as possible without our bodies breaking down the way our older relatives had. Who wants to be 65 with a cane and swollen ankles or worse? We don’t.  

Anyway, becoming vegan was the catalyst for our spiritual growth.  At its root, veganism is about empathy; understanding that animals are feeling, aware beings that don’t choose to die for human appetites. Empathy is an expression of divinity and when you start to express it in your diet, it begins to inform the rest of your life.  We’re definitely not saying that we’re saints, although minus a few cuss words we’re pretty close, or that every vegan undergoes the process of spiritual enlightenment. However, can we have true enlightenment without going plant based first? Nah fam. Our bodies are some of the most sophisticated technological advancements that this planet has ever known and yet, we treat them as if they’re discardable objects built to self-destruct.  If Eboni and I had a dollar for every time we heard some poor unfortunate soul say, “Well I’m gonna die anyway…”, we would be shopping instead of writing lol. The premise that sickness and decay are the outcome that life is pushing us inevitably towards is bogus and existentialist at best and just plain stupid at worst. If you knew, we mean truly believed, that you were going to live forever, would you make better choices? Our bodies are vehicles for a soul, a consciousness that lives eternally. Every bite of any dead animal product is a clear statement to your consciousness that longevity is not what you want.  

You are what you eat and what you eat is either dead or alive. Energetically speaking, every bite of flesh is a karmic debt that you now owe and while there’s ample time for repayment, karma is still a b@#$h.  Eating dead animal flesh entangles us in a vicious cycle of death and pain on this earth and even after. In our first human incarnation, we were unified with nature in both body and spirit. In this first form, we could never imagine eating another feeling, thinking being.  We understood that we are all expressions of the All Mighty; each of us but a small and important piece of the grand cosmic design. All life is precious. All life is energy. All energy is vital and has karmic value attached to it. At the end of the day, we get what we pay for.  Eat well. We love you. #vegan for #spiritual reasons

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